5 celebrities' all-white styling you want to imitate

Sep 30, 2021


If you want to give a change to the same look for work every day , pay attention to Kim Hye Soo 's styling. I chose the wide pants that cover the instep and the puff shoulder blouse in white color. It is a normal item, but it feels powerful thanks to the aura of the all-white look.  



Sportswear can also be stylish by choosing white instead of bright colors. Jang Won Young matched a generous sized jogger pants with a unique top layered with a tube top and a bolero cardigan. I think the reason why sportswear gives off a strangely innocent atmosphere is the power of white tailored to fit even the shoes.  



If you use a cream color for a white look, you can make it softer and more coached than pure white. It's like Shin Hyun Ji, who casually puts a cream-colored sweater on top of a boxy white shirt that looks like he's wearing his dad's shirt, showing off the classic look of the look . 



Hwasa tried an all-white look that matched the overall tone of not only the clothes, but also the shoes and the bag. I made up for the shortcomings of white color, which can make you look chubby, by choosing clothes that show off your slim body. The secret to looking slimmer is to pay attention to the proportions with a dizzying high heel and roll up the hem of the pants to reveal the ankle!  



There is no such thing as white in the world! Fashion influencer Laura Eguizabal chose basic items such as wide pants that cover the instep and loose oversized shirts. The look composed of subtly different white colors seems to have a sense of leisure and sophistication. It may seem that you lack strength, so don't forget to add a fashionable touch with a classic tote bag and sunglasses that are firmly angled.