The Veil (2021)

The Veil (2021)

A Korean-style spy investigation show with a story about a top National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent. In his endeavor to uncover the internal traitor that brought him to his downfall, he confronts a much bigger enemy behind the organization.

Han Ji Hyuk is the top field agent in the NIS. He is held in awe by his colleagues for his perfect record and skill at completing missions. He had been driving an organized crime syndicate into a corner when he vanished off the face of the earth, but he returns a year later to shake up the syndicate once more.

Seo Soo Yeon is the head of team 4 of the Crime Information Center who is excellent at performing her duties and solving cases. She has great affection for people, and she especially cares for her teammates.

Director: Kim Seong Yong [김성용]
Original Network: MBC;
Country: Korean
Status: Ongoing
Airs: 2021

Cast more

  • Park Ha Seon (1987)

    Park Ha Seon (1987)

    South Korea
  • Nam Goong Min (1978)

    Nam Goong Min (1978)

    Seoul, South Korea
  • Jang Yeong Nam (1973)

    Jang Yeong Nam (1973)

    Seoul, South Korea
  • Yoo Oh Seong (1966)

    Yoo Oh Seong (1966)

    Yeongwol, South Korea
  • Jeong Moon Seong (1981)

    Jeong Moon Seong (1981)

    Seoul, South Korea
  • Kwon So Hyeon (1987)

    Kwon So Hyeon (1987)

    Andong, South Korea
  • Kim Min Sang (1968)

    Kim Min Sang (1968)

    Seoul, South Korea
  • Kim Ji Eun (1993)

    Kim Ji Eun (1993)

    South Korea
  • Lee Kyeong Yeong (1960)

    Lee Kyeong Yeong (1960)

    Chungju, North Chungcheong Province, South Korea
  • Kim Byeong Ki (1948)

    Kim Byeong Ki (1948)

    South Korea
  • Kim Jong Tae (1975)

    Kim Jong Tae (1975)

    South Korea
  • Kim Do Hyeon (1977)

    Kim Do Hyeon (1977)

    South Korea


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