Recap Chinese Drama "Blue Flame Assault" Episode 33 (Final Episode)

May 13, 2022

Wang Yishan and the members of the steel team worked together to rescue the trapped people and sent them to the medical team for treatment. He Zhenzhen distributed supplies to the masses. Seeing Wang Yishan from a distance, she asked Wang Yishan about Ye Qiheng's situation, but Wang Yishan had no idea. .

Ye Qiheng led the team into the ruins of the primary school classroom, and soon found the trapped students, one of the boys' legs was pressed by the cement board, Ye Qiheng asked the team to rescue the children, he stayed to appease the little boy, the stairs suddenly collapsed , Ye Qiheng and the boy were trapped in it, and Chen Dajun led the team to rescue people immediately, but they returned without success. When He Zhen Zhen heard that Ye Qiheng was under the ruins, she was dumbfounded.

After the rescue was over, they returned to the station. The team members were unable to swallow the food. They mourned Ye Qiheng together. Chen Dajun advised everyone to eat well and reassured Ye Qiheng, who died. Everyone started eating with tears in their eyes. He Zhen Zhen was sitting at home, thinking of the little things she had with Ye Qiheng, her heart was twisted like a knife.

The father-in-law relapsed because of Ye Qiheng's death and old illness, He Zhenzhen took good care of him and advised him to take good care of his body, He Zhenzhen endured the grief in his heart and hid in the bathroom to cover his face and cry, and the father-in-law burst into tears. Li Xicheng led the team members to train at night until they were exhausted and exhausted, so as to comfort Ye Qiheng's dead soul. Li Xicheng secretly vowed to commemorate Ye Qiheng with practical actions. Wen Yibing saw this scene and felt very uncomfortable.

Wu Changmao couldn't worry about the team members. He came to the fire station overnight and asked Wen Yibing about Li Xicheng's situation. Wen Yibing knew that Li Xicheng couldn't let it go, but he didn't know how to comfort him. Wu Changmao applied to the detachment leader for a psychiatrist to help the team members. Nature can't ask for it. The psychiatrist soon came to the Anding Station to conduct psychological counseling for each team member, but they just couldn't let it go.

He Zhenzhen came to the cafe where she and Ye Qiheng had their first date, and ordered two steaks, as if Ye Qiheng was sitting opposite, she thought of Ye Qiheng's voice and smile again, and the pain in her heart was indescribable. Wen Yibing received a notice that two days later, the earthquake rescue commendation meeting will be held at Lanyan Special Service. Wen Yibing was worried about Li Xicheng and called him out to talk to each other overnight. Li Xicheng endured the grief in his heart and vowed to bring the team better and live up to Ye Qiheng's expectations. . The commendation meeting was held as scheduled, and Zhang Xiaofeng commended and rewarded the firefighters who have performed outstandingly in the earthquake relief.

He Zhen Zhen carried the camera to the mountains and the seaside to collect scenery, as if Ye Qiheng was by her side. He Zhenzhen followed the Blue Sky Rescue Team to perform the mission and greeted Ye Qiheng who was far away. Half a year later, the Xiamen City Art Exhibition Hall will hold a city hero photography exhibition. The staff called He Zhenzhen and asked her to sort out the photos she took. He Zhen Zhen looked at the photos she took again and had mixed feelings in her heart.

Li Xicheng was appointed as the deputy head of Anding Station. He didn't know if he could do as well as Ye Qiheng. He wanted to go to a place first, so he called Wen Yibing overnight to ask for leave. The team members got up early in the morning and found that Li Xicheng had already gone out. Wen Yibing came to see Zhang Huiling and learned that he didn't go home at all, and Wen Yibing couldn't guess where he went.

Li Xicheng came to Qianjia Island by boat. Feng Zhe, Mao kid and the old ghost were waiting for him at the dock early. They reunited after a long absence, and their excitement was beyond words. Feng Zhe couldn't wait to take Li Xicheng around. They first came to the beach. The fishermen engaged in aquaculture and planted vegetables. Now they are self-sufficient. The fishermen brought their own cucumbers. Li Xicheng was very happy. The old ghost saw that Li Xicheng had something in his heart, and Li Xicheng tried his best to cover it up.

The fishermen made a large table of dishes and delivered them. The old ghost welcomed Li Xicheng back at any time with water instead of wine. He also respected everyone at the station, and the four of them happily ate a meal. Zhao Tianle searched everywhere, but Li Xicheng was nowhere to be seen. Wen Yibing guessed that he had gone to Qianjia Island.

Mao kid called Feng Zhe away, and asked the old ghost and Li Xicheng to chat alone. The old ghost saw that Li Xicheng had something on his mind, and Li Xicheng made an excuse to cover it up. The old ghost took him to the balcony and encouraged him to stick to his ideals and do a good job in firefighting. Li Xicheng Open the plug. He Zhenzhen's photography exhibition was held as scheduled, Li Xicheng and Wen Yibing came to visit and met Li Hai head-on. Li Hai had already signed up for the firefighter exam.

He Zhenzhen accompanied Wen Yibing to visit the photo exhibition. They were deeply moved by the firefighters' spirit of saving lives. Li Xicheng also came to visit the photo exhibition. Seeing the big photo of himself and Ye Qiheng, he couldn't help thinking of the unforgettable moments in the past. Li Xicheng was even more sure In order to contribute youthful determination to the firefighting cause.

The end