Recap Chinese Drama "Dream House" Episode 14

May 13, 2022

Judy didn't open the door after flying for a long time, and remembered to cry. Xiao Hongjie on the other side saw that Liu Jiandong had been wanting to ask Sun Ning for a while, but he didn't dare to say anything, so he helped him to invite Sun Ning out to meet. After that, he was worried about Yang Guang. As for the Shuiyunyuan project, Ma Shang was about to start construction, but on the other side The designer Chen Xi and the owner Judy on the other side really don't know how Yang Guang should handle the relationship. At this moment, Chen Xi called and asked Yang Guang to discuss the construction together, so Yang Guang called Judy and wanted to discuss together, but Judy was locked in the room and could not get out. When Yang Guang arrived and rescued Judy, Judy burst into tears while hugging Yang Guang. I feel even more sad that I was abandoned by two men within a few days. This time, Yang Guang went to save her to prove that they are destined. I hope to live with Yang Guang, but Yang Guang thinks that Judy is still with Chen Xi. It's fate, if Chen Xi didn't call him, he wouldn't be able to save Judy.

Song Xiaoyu regretted missing Lin Yuheng very much, and always blamed herself for not taking good chances after knowing Lin Yuheng. Even Cai Yunfeng lied and refused to contact her.

Judy drove to pick up Yang Guang to work, which was envied by the brothers. It really went up in class, and the owner personally picked up the work. But everyone also thinks that Judy seems to be much older than Yang Guang, but the fourth thinks that no matter how old you are, as long as you have money, it is the last word. When they arrived at the construction site, they happened to meet Chen Xi, and Judy took the initiative to hug Yang Guang and went upstairs together. Chen Xi was very concerned but did not show it at all on the surface.

When everyone goes up, it is really a mansion, and you can move in directly without having to renovate and install a kitchen and bathroom. Judy designed the future life for Yang Guang. If they lived together in the future, it would be their best destination, but Sunshine was not tempted at all, only Judy was self-satisfied. When Yang Guang arrived at the scene, he found that Chen Xi's original design was not right, so he asked Chen Xi to discuss and revise it, and Chen Xi also discovered the problem, but Judy told her to discuss it directly with Yang Guang. Now Judy wants to discuss it. The right to decorate the house is left to Yang Guang to decide. Yang Guang was very angry when she heard what Judy said and told her not to talk like that, but Judy told Yang Guang that she was going to swear sovereignty in front of Chen Xi, because Judy had already seen that Yang Guang and Chen Xi had a good impression of each other. Sun Ning saw that Judy had been pestering Yang Guang and worried that he would be taken down, so he went to Chen Xi and hoped that she would not miss the opportunity. Everyone could see that Yang Guang had a good impression on Chen Xi, but Chen Xi was still holding the air and refused to admit her. Have any good feelings with Yang Guang.

Chen Xi asked the workers to measure the room and she went back to revise the design plan. Yang Guang told Judy to go back and work for them, but Judy didn't leave and insisted on staying with them.

Because Lin Yuheng was often called out to buy coffee by old employees when he first joined the company, and now Lin Yuheng revealed his identity, he felt that he was not careful enough about the company's system management, so he paid everyone to buy a coffee machine, which many people felt Lin Yuheng was very generous, not only did not retaliate against those who often targeted him, but even bought them a coffee machine to use. Just after Chen Xi went back, Lin Yuheng helped her to grind the global limited edition coffee, but Chen Xi didn't appreciate it at all, and even gave Lin Yuheng a meal, which made Lin Yuheng feel that Chen Xi must have received grievances at the construction site, so I called Yang Guang, hoping that Yang Guang could help him take good care of Chen Xi at the construction site in the future.

After Yang Guang received the call from Lin Yuheng, he felt that Chen Xi must be unhappy because of Judy's words, so he hurried back to the company to explain to Chen Xi, but Chen Xi asked Yang Guang and Judy if something really happened. To explain, Yang Guang felt that as long as Chen Xi did not misunderstand, it would be fine. Just when Yang Guang was going out, he met Cai Yunfeng, and the two made an appointment to have a good chat at the wine party in the evening.

Cai Yunfeng called Song Xiaoyu over and asked her to go to a wine party in the evening for a dinner party. Although Song Xiaoyu didn't want to go, he couldn't refuse too much, so he agreed.

Yang Guang arrived at the red wine party first, and when Ahui saw Yang Guang went, she told him that Cai Yunfeng would also go tonight, because Cai Yunfeng often took Song Xiaoyu to where he was worried that Yang Guang would be embarrassed, but Sunshine told Ahui not to worry, after all, he and There is no marriage contract between Song Xiaoyu. Soon Cai Yunfeng arrived with Song Xiaoyu. Song Xiaoyu was very embarrassed to see that it was Yang Guang's bureau, but Yang Guang did not expose the fact that he knew Song Xiaoyu, but just told Song Xiaoyu to avoid him and discuss business affairs with Cai Yunfeng. Cai Yunfeng asked Yang Guang to hand over all his mobile phones, worried that they would be recorded and then discuss the rebate.

After get off work, Chen Xi kept reminiscing about the past between Yang Guang and her. She felt very good and drove to Yang Guang's residence unknowingly.