Recap Chinese Drama "The Scale of Desire" Episode 17

May 13, 2022

He Zhiyong found the plan of the nine capitals from the shredder. He brought it to Xiao Jian to look at it. Xiao Jian learned that Wang Haili took over the Haixiang Group for Xu Feng, so he came to the office to find Wang Haili. Xu Feng is on vacation. Xiao Jian questioned that Wang Haili would settle the account as soon as she took office. Wang Haili responded fluently and had no flaws, so Xiao Jian had to leave first.

Xiao Jian found that Meng Zhaoshi and Zheng Hua looked flustered and insisted on going to the archives to check the Jiuzi plan, so Meng Zhaoshi had to take him there. Zheng Hua called Gu Qing to inform Gu Qing, and Gu Qing rushed to the archives ahead of schedule and took away the Jiu Capital Project first. Meng Zhaoshi brought Xiao Jian and others to the scene, and they checked them one by one. Xiao Jian used the walkie-talkie to notify each group to take away all the documents with the Nine Capital Plan.

Linton learned that Xia Bing and Xiao Jian were investigating the Haixiang Group and gave them a hard lesson. Worried that the matter would cause big trouble, Xiao Jian and Xia Bing reported in detail the investment plan between Bai Shaoqing and Xu Feng, and Linton told them Thousands of warnings and ten thousand orders, Xiao Jian suddenly received a message from Zhou Hui and learned that she had found Xu Feng's whereabouts.

When Xiao Jian went to the archives, he accidentally discovered that the door of the stairs was not right. He suspected that someone had escaped from there with the information, so he asked Zhou Hui to follow him secretly, and Zheng Yusi was also sent to protect Zhou Hui's safety. Sure enough, they found Xu Feng's hiding place. Xiao Jian reported the matter to Xia Bing, and Xia Bing went to check the cracking situation of the hard disk, otherwise Xu Feng could not be charged.

Zhou Hui squatted downstairs at Xu Feng's house, Zheng Yusi then came to accompany her by bike, Zhou Hui didn't buy it, and even pretended to sleep and ignored him. Xu Feng had already discovered that Zhou Hui followed Gu Qing downstairs. He stood in front of the window and watched Zhou Hui's every move. Xu Feng decided to cause trouble for Xiao Jian.

After the unremitting efforts of the technical department, the hard drive was finally cracked. Xiao Jian recognized that it was Zhang Hua’s video of Xu Feng and Gao Chang’s private transactions. Xia Bing reported to Linton immediately, and Linton ordered them to arrest Xu Feng. Xia Bing personally led the team to Xu Feng's residence and found that there was no one there.

Gu Qing arranged for Xu Feng's escape ship and brought him breakfast. Xu Feng monitored Xia Bing's every move through the computer. Xia Bing checked carefully in the room, and found Ma Shixing's investment plan behind a large photo. There was a letter from Xu Feng to the task force. Xu Feng admitted that he and Gao Chang had traded illegally and took away two hundred million in the chips. Xiao Jian's affairs were counted on Xiao Jian's head, because there were no fingerprints on the letter, and it could not be used as evidence. Xiao Jian was so angry that he gritted his teeth.

He Zhiyong found that Xu Feng's mobile phone was turned on, Xia Bing asked him to track and locate the mobile phone, Xiao Jian asked He Zhiyong to send him the location, and he drove to chase Xu Feng. Xia Bing reported Xu Feng's whereabouts to Cao Rui, and Cao Rui made careful arrangements. Ma Shixing wanted to escape on a private jet with the money, but was caught on the spot by Cao Rui.

Xiao Jian followed Xu Feng by car, He Zhiyong guarded the command center, and reported Xu Feng's whereabouts to Xia Bing and Xiao Jian at any time. Xiao Jian followed Xu Feng to a bar. Xu Feng left him a mobile phone at the bar, and Xiao Jian called him. Call Xu Feng, Xu Feng confessed to what he had done, and reminded Xiao Jiancha of the hidden person behind.