Recap: Dream of Chang'an (2021) Episode 48

Sep 4, 2021
Dream of Chang'an
Qi Yan sent Cheng Huaizhi to find Han Ding, but he was not seen. Cheng Huaizhi advised Qi Yan not to go to the early court today. Qi Yan insisted on facing the next fierce battle alone and advised Cheng Huaizhi to leave the palace as soon as possible to find his way. Cheng Huaizhi was sad. Crying.
On the way, Qi Yan and Qi Chen met on a narrow road. The two were relatively speechless and rushed to the Golden Temple respectively. Both the Manchu civil and military officials came to the court on time. Only Li Deyun was not seen. It turned out that Li Zening gave Li Deyun medicine. Li Deyun was sick and lying in bed. Li Zening was unwilling to be a tortoise with her head as she did eight years ago. She went to the Golden Palace to see Qi Yan alone. At this time, Han Ding led a heavy army to guard outside the Golden Palace.
Cheng Ruoyu and Yan Xiu sent off for Qiu Yanzhi, Jiangqiying Yuan Du gave an order, and a group of soldiers broke in from all directions and surrounded them. Cheng Ruoyu stepped on the mechanism that Qiu Yanzhi had prepared before his death. Smoke around the altar. Soaring to the sky, Cheng Ruoyu and Yan Xiu’s coffin, which was supporting Qiu Yanzhi, entered the secret path under the altar from the institution. Qiu Yanzhi remembered that he and Qiu Yanzhi came to this secret path to play when they were young.
All civil and military officials unanimously demanded severe punishment of Chou Ziliang’s party feathers, and gave Qi Yan a list. Only Qi Chen remained motionless. Yan Xiu and Cheng Ruoyu escaped from the secret road and ran into Yuan Du head-on. Yuan Du forced Cheng Ruoyu to surrender the edict and brought the coffin of Qiu Yanzhi. Cheng Ruoyu had to surrender the painting, Yuan Du from The edict was taken out inside, and Qiu Yanzhi’s coffin was put down and left on horseback.
Qi Yan called Han Ding in and appointed him as the general of the Shencai Army. Han Ding was unmoved. Qi Yan realized that he had rebelled. He asked all civil and military officials to withdraw from the court and let Qi Chen stay alone. Qi Yan saw blood for a while and pointed out that Qi Chen was the second Qiu Ziliang. He was in the shogi camp, the Shencai Army and the Ziyi Ju all arranged his henchmen, just to wait for this day to seek the usurpation of the dynasty, Qi Chen never said a word. Cheng Ruoyu hurried back to the palace and saw that Cheng Huaizhi had packed his luggage and was ready to leave. Cheng Ruoyu begged him to stay and help Qi Yan.
Cheng Ruoyu invited the Empress Dowager to rescue Qi Yan. Han Ding blocked the door and refused to allow them to enter. Yuan Du rushed to publicly read the edict of the first emperor Qi Chen, and forced the civil and military officials to sign the edict. Qi Chen admitted that he had thought of taking the throne back, but it didn’t matter anymore, Qi Yan didn’t believe it at all. The civil and military officials who signed the edict all knelt down and pleaded guilty to Qi Yan. Qi Yan admitted that he had lost and begged Qi Chen to leave a way out for the civil and military officials.
Qi Chen called Yuan Du in, and invited the Queen Mother to come in with him. Cheng Ruoyu followed the Queen Mother to protect Qi Yan. She was disappointed by Qi Chen. Yuan Du took out the emperor’s edict and gave it to Qi Chen, begging him to become the emperor immediately. , Qi Chen resolutely refuses to accept. Qi Yan claims to be a usurper and is willing to return the throne to Qi Chen. Qi Chen has long been uncomfortable with the children of the Qi family framing each other for the throne. He has many opportunities to kill Qi Yan, and Qi Yan has injured several times in the future. Rang Xian and Qi Chen refused. He didn’t want to be an emperor, he just wanted to be Qi Yan’s courtier.
Yuan Du complained about the injustice for Qi Chen and advised him not to give up his hard-won throne. Qi Chen forcibly drove Yuan Du away. Qi Chen once again showed his loyalty to Qi Yan and wanted to tear up his will on the spot, Qi Yan hurriedly stopped him. , The uncle and nephew solved the misunderstanding and shook hands to make peace.
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