Recap: Dream of Chang'an (2021) Episode 49 (Final)

Sep 4, 2021
Dream of Chang'an
Li Zening hurriedly came outside the Golden Temple, and Han Ding asked her to wait for Qi Yan’s imperial decree. At the same time, Qi Yan sent someone to rescue Li Deyun and let him go to court immediately. Qi Yan called all the civil and military officials to the Golden Palace, and took out the emperor’s edict in public. Cheng Ruoyu soaked the edict into the water.
Among them, the four characters “Biography Qichen” were written in a special potion. The water disappeared, and the vacant place became “Biography of Qi Yan”. Qi Yan admitted that he was testing Qi Chen. He did not expect Qi Chen to declare his righteousness in this way. He deeply confessed his mistakes to Qi Chen.
Qi Yan gave a detailed account of the causes and consequences of the change in the dew. The first emperor asked Qi Yan to take the courage to take refuge in Qiu Ziliang, and used Qi Chen to divert Qiu Ziliang’s attention. Qi Chen also thanked Qi Yan for saving his life indirectly. Qi Yan praised Qi Chen as an upright person. The gentleman, publicly decreed that Qi Chen shall be the crown prince.
That night, Qi Yan promised to spend a lifetime with Cheng Ruoyu and live the life he wanted, and Cheng Ruoyu was moved to tears. In a blink of an eye, on the fifteenth of the first lunar month, Qi Yan and Cheng Ruoyu went out of the palace to appreciate the lanterns. They lingered on the bustling streets of Heng’an City. Liu Misha called Cheng Ruoyu aside alone. She wanted a panacea to change her appearance. Traveling all over the world, finally looking for a wishful man, Cheng Ruoyu wished her get what she wished as soon as possible. Liu Misha and Cheng Ruoyu reluctantly said goodbye, she will return to Zhenwu tomorrow, and Cheng Ruoyu said goodbye to her in tears.
Cheng Ruoyu continued to watch the lanterns with Qi Yan. She was very happy. She wanted to go out with Qi Yan to watch the lanterns next year. Qi Yan knew that she didn’t have much time, and hoped that Cheng Ruoyu would be happy even when she was alone. Cheng Ruoyu hurriedly Turning the topic off, Qi Yan picked up Cheng Ruoyu and circled happily. Suddenly he felt the world spin and Qi Yan fell to the ground on the spot and fainted to death.
Tian Shanlai diagnosed and treated Qi Yan, and found that he was extremely ill, and Tian Shan was unable to recover. He had to reveal the Anshen Pill that Qi Yan had been using to fight poison. Qi Chen was furious. Tian Shan repeatedly explained that this was Qi Yan’s strong request. He was not allowed to tell anyone that Qi Yan wanted to use the rest of his life to completely defeat Qiu Ziliang.
Cheng Ruoyu took out the last tranquilizing pill and wanted to feed Qi Yan. Tian Shan repeatedly reminded her to be cautious. Once Qi Yan dies abruptly, Cheng Ruoyu will be charged with killing the king. Cheng Ruoyu firmly believes that Qi Yan can wake up. come over. After Tian Shan’s meticulous treatment, Qi Yan finally woke up again, Qi Chen, Tian Shan and others hurriedly hid, giving Qi Yan and Cheng Ruoyu time to be alone.
Qi Yan tried his best to show Cheng Ruoyu his heart. He wanted to make a commoner in the next life and spend a lifetime with Cheng Ruoyu. Cheng Ruoyu lay on Qi Yan’s body and cried and cried. Qi Yan wanted to wait for him to send Han after his death. Cheng Ruoyu agreed to send Cheng Ruoyu out of the palace to go hunting and live a happy life.
Qi Yan was like a gossi, Qi Chen and the civil and military officials knelt down in front of the dragon couch, Qi Yan called Qi Chen to his side, he struggled to get up, let Qi Chen sit next to him, Qi Yan worked hard for the last breath The decree was to be passed to Qi Chen, and finally died peacefully in Qi Chen’s arms. Everyone present was moved by it, and the Empress Dowager was sad and tearful. Han Ding sent Cheng Ruoyu out of the palace. He heard the news of Qi Yan’s death when he walked halfway. Cheng Ruoyu was heartbroken and rode away alone with tears.
Qi Chen ascended the throne to become emperor, he personally handed the green light sword to Yu Niang, and asked her to become the new sword bearer of the Ziyi Bureau. Cheng Ruoyu opened a special noodle restaurant, and the customers came here admiringly. Cheng Ruoyu greeted her every day and was very busy. She witnessed the peaceful and prosperous world Qi Yan longed for, and she silently sent her sorrow to Qi Yan. .
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