Recap "Fall in Love" episode 16-17

Nov 25, 2021

In the face of Wanqing’s repeated questions, Cui Lianfeng’s psychological line collapsed, and he had to admit that Min Dacheng had raped him. Cui Lianfeng cried, saying that at the time Governor Luo had kidnapped Mu Yuanhang, he could only brazenly ask for Min Dacheng after thinking about it, but he was staring at him. Wanqing exposes Cui Lianfeng’s lie, but the other side actually bites Wanqing back. Mu Zhiyuan only felt a headache, and temporarily sent Cui Lianfeng and Mu Wanting to the suburban garden.

Xu Guangyao’s ward was leaking upstairs, and the hospital cured him and moved him to another room. At night, smoke suddenly drifted from the ward, and Tan Xuanlin led people to fight the fire. Subsequently, the assassin disguised as a doctor entered the ward and wanted to kill him, but he was slowly falling into Tan Xuanlin’s trap. The killer opened the quilt, and it was not Min Dacheng who lay inside, but Xu Guangyao. Realizing that he was in the middle of the game, the killer hurriedly fled, but was still stopped by Tan Xiulin. The killer had nowhere to escape, so he had to take Xu Guangyao as a hostage. Tan Xuanlin didn’t care. He shot him to death while he was not prepared. He wanted to take the other person back for interrogation, but the other person committed suicide by swallowing medicine.

Knowing that Mu Zhiyuan was still thinking about feelings, he just sent Cui Lianfeng and Mu Wanting to the suburban garden. Tan Xiulin said coldly, if so, then give him a push and let him make a decision. Wanqing and Tan Xuanlin deliberately talked about the events of last night beside Min Dacheng, saying that Cui Lianfeng alleged that Min Dacheng raped him and lied that the child who died was his. Min Dacheng, who was pretending to be asleep, heard all this, and couldn’t help clenching his fists.

The next day, Tan Xuanlin found Min Dacheng and took out the picture that was burned by him. There is a little girl sitting in the photo. Tan Xuanlin suspects that the real bond between Min Dacheng and Cui Lianfeng should be the girl in the photo. But Min Dacheng insisted that the girl in the photo was just his friend and had nothing to do with him. Min Dacheng confessed that Cui Lianfeng lied that she had a child of her own, and instigated herself to kill Mu Yuanhang and help her snatch Mu’s family property.

But Tan Xuanlin still couldn’t figure out how Min Dacheng would be so desperate for Cui Lianfeng just because of a miscarried child. Wanqing glanced at the incomplete photo, and realized that the bracelet on the child’s hand was exactly the same as the one on Cui Lianfeng’s. The two couldn’t help thinking, it turned out that Mu Wanting was the bond between Min Dacheng and Cui Lianfeng. In the second hearing, Min Dacheng confessed in court that Mu Yuanhang was indeed killed by him ten years ago. Hearing the news, Mu Zhiyuan couldn’t help his feet limp. Mu Zhiyuan and Wanqing came to the suburban garden and asked Master Cui Lianfengxing about their crimes. Cui Lianfeng still refused to admit it, praying for Mu Zhiyuan’s trust and forgiveness. Mu Zhiyuan interrupted Cui Lianfeng, saying that he would take a letter and he would no longer be a family.

I thought that the matter was over, but Wanqing revealed another truth. Mu Zhiyuan had already suffered a blow, and Wanqing’s words made his heart break even more. Unexpectedly, Tan Xuanlin suddenly visited and took out the incomplete photo. The child on it was clearly Mu Wanting. Doctor Liang who delivered the baby was also invited by Tan Xuanlin to add a piece of evidence. Wanqing deliberately angered Cui Lianfeng and asked her to tell the truth. The boy who died in Cui Lianfeng’s childbirth was indeed Mu Family’s blood, but Mu Wanting’s father was someone else. Mu Wanting couldn’t accept this fact no matter what, she had to deal with Wanqing as soon as she left the house. Fortunately, the people next to her stopped her and led her down.

Xu Guangyao was stubborn about the assassination that day. The assassin had come here to kill, but when he saw himself, he was particularly flustered. Although he was 100% sure that he could kill himself, he still hesitated. . Xu Guangyao couldn’t help thinking more, as if he wanted to understand something.

Tan Xuanlin accompanied Wanqing to the temple to pay homage to his mother, but he did not enter the inner room with Wanqing. Standing outside, Tan Xiulin secretly swears to Wanqing’s mother that she will let the truth come to light. Tan Xuanlin pressed Min Dacheng step by step, saying that he knew that he had concealed the truth about the killing of Mu Yuanhang, and guessed that he must have sought Xu Bojun.

If it weren’t for Tan Xuanlin’s help, Wanqing would be grateful for the gratitude of her mother and brother. Tan Xuanlin took Wanqing to the mountain and pointed her finger at the entire Shanghai city, indicating that it was her own site and promised that she would make Wanqing safe and sound. Wanqing stared at Tan Xuanlin affectionately, couldn’t help holding his neck, and kissed him actively. Tan Xuanlin was stunned. This time, he confirmed Wanqing’s heart.