Recap Korean Drama "Love All Play" Episode 8

May 13, 2022

Love All Play, alternatively known as The Speed To You is 493 KM (너에게 가는 속도 493km) is a 2022 Korean Sports Rom-com directed by Jo Woong. The series runs for 16 episodes and stars Park Ju-hyun, Chae Jong-hyeop, Park Ji-hyun, Kim Moo-joon and Seo Ji-hye in lead roles. Love All Play Episode 8 has a runtime of 61 minutes.

In Love All Play Episode 8, Tae-jun and Tae-yang go late for their morning training because of their trip to the seaside. Coach Joo scolds them for spending the night together and also suspects them but they are saved when Coach Lee asks for Tae-jun. Lee asks Tae-jun to play with Yuk Jung-hwan and he is in no position to decline the coach’s order. Jung-hwan also couldn’t ask the coach because Yu-min threatened to cut ties with him.

Love All Play Episode 8


The coach has asked Tae-jun to support Jung-hwan in the match but it is against his pride. Both Tae-jun and Jung-hwan play a harsh game and push each other violently. In the last shot, Jung-hwan’s racket breaks and he grabs Tae-jun’s racket after pushing him down. Tae-jun is humiliated and pushes Jung-hwan again. They win the match but the coach only gets angry at Tae-jun and doesn’t let him play the next match.

Tae-jun is angry and upset over what happened and he gets angry at Tae-yang when she tries to tease him to lighten his mood. Ji-ho and Sung-sil have noticed that something is going on between the two of them and are watching them silently. Sung-sil asks Tae-yang about their relationship and when Tae-yang declines, she tells her about her and Ji-ho’s secret relationship.

Love All Play Episode 8


Jung-hwan is also upset about the match and Yu-min has called him to meet at the terrace. Tae-jun and Tae-yang are also on the terrace and the boys start arguing after seeing each other. Tae-jun tells Jung-hwan to stop messing with Tae-yang because of the past and calls out the loyalty of his first love as he has now found love in a new person. Jung-hwan tells Yu-min to go down and punches Tae-jun and Tae-jun still doesn’t stop messing with him.

Love All Play Episode 8 Ending

Yu-min has told Jung-hwan to win the match if he wants to date her. If he loses, they will be over forever. After Tae-yang consoles Tae-jun, he is back with a new energy of positivity. The coach has given him a chance to play again after he notices that he has cooled down. Tae-jun is also ready to play with Jung-hwan without holding any grudge.