Recap "Love in Shanghai" Episode 2

Nov 25, 2021

Knowing that Xu Dongyang was the same roommate who was diagnosed with SARS, Li Wenjia was very worried. When he was about to call to ask, Li Qi gave her the wallet Xu Dongyang asked to find. The thief lost the wallet when he got the money, and Xu Dongyang asked Li Qi to find it again, which moved Li Wenjia very much.

But no one could enter Xu Dongyang’s room. Li Wenjia was guarding him outside. Unexpectedly, when Xu Dongyang was taken away, Li Wenjia was so excited when he saw it, he abruptly chased him into the ambulance to accompany him. Li Wenjia was guilty and sad, and kept apologizing to Xu Dongyang. Xu Dongyang comforted her in turn and painted her own mask with a smiley face to make her smile. They were caught off guard, and they kept asking each other’s name when they were taken away by the medical staff.

Three months later, the isolation ended. Li Wenjia cut off her short hair and successfully passed the interview to find a job. While eating bread in a convenience store, Li Wenjia happened to meet a man wearing a smiling face mask. She hurriedly chased him out, but it was disappointing that that person was not Xu Dongyang. Xu Dongyang is still in isolation in the hospital, and often thinks of Li Wenjia’s familiar face.

In 2004, spring. Li Wenjia officially entered the company and became a white-collar worker. Working overtime into the night, Li Wenjia received another call from Gina asking her to find Pete to sign, feeling a little depressed. Dai Shiping wanted to take her home, but Li Wenjia refused and hurriedly took a taxi to find Pete. Pete was at the dinner, and when he saw Li Wenjia he immediately pressed her on the chair to make her drink. Li Wenjia was reluctant and could only do the same. He bowed his head and toasted Mr. An with three glasses of wine, but complained in every sentence.

Pete’s face was unhappy, Li Wenjia stunned and went back. She is just a small employee, not a wine company! Pete was so angry that he refused to sign and drove her away. Li Wenjia arrived home very late, and was scolded by Gina the next morning. Instead, Pete came and signed the contract to help her relieve the siege at this time. He also apologized that he drank too much last night and even made her. It is really surprising to take over the case of Anhui Group.

After get off work, Pete and Gina took Li Wenjia to apologize and toast to Mr. An for what happened yesterday. The two deliberately walked away, Li Wenjia said uncomfortably about work, but Mr. An said that he would not talk about work today. I heard that Li Wenjia is the child of an educated youth, and Mr. An said that he was too. He also talked about the embarrassment of coming back that year, which surprised Li Wenjia. Mr. An can see that Li Wenjia has no sense of security, saying that today’s game is her own. She can gain a great sense of security. However, the sense of security is given to herself, and Li Wenjia obliged.

When Mr. Huang saw this, he laughed, and Gina deliberately knocked over his wine glass and poured red wine on Li Wenjia. Gina and Pete glanced at each other. Pete immediately gave the card of the hotel suite to Mr. An, then turned around and asked Li Wenjia to attend the symposium here tomorrow on his behalf. He will stay in this hotel tonight. Li Wenjia originally wanted to refuse, thinking about going back to deal with the clothes, but when Li Baoying thought that she would be in and out of the night shift in the middle of the night to affect Chen Jialiang’s study, she still agreed.

Li Wenjia entered the room without warning, and looked at the luxurious suite with surprise and admiration. Dai Shiping accidentally heard Pete and Gina’s plan, and quickly called Li Wenjia, but couldn’t get through at all. Dai Shiping could only ask the front desk, but the front desk refused to inform it for privacy. Li Wenjia was taking a bath, and Mr. An opened the door with his room card.

He was surprised to see this scene. Li Wenjia wrapped a bathrobe and explained that there was a misunderstanding, but in Mr. An’s eyes, Peter asked her to come over Li Wenjia. Li Wenjia explained again. Mr. An said that the moment they walked into the room, they couldn’t explain it clearly. The only way was to cancel the proposal. At least it could show that they had no deal. Otherwise, she will go out now, and people will greet her with pointers.