Recap: Love Under the Full Moon (2021) Episode 22

Sep 11, 2021
Love Under the Full Moon (2021)
After learning that Lei Chuxia was about to leave, Yuan Yuan remembered that their desire to be each other’s bridesmaids had not been fulfilled when they were young, so she went to Jin Xiaorui to marry him as soon as possible. Jin Xiaorui naturally agreed to this.
After Wei Xuanhe knew Winter’s true identity, he asked Xu Xiaodong to meet at Lixia Shiguang. After coming to Lixia Shiguang, Wei Xuanhe discovered that Lei Chuxia’s body was in a condition, and he realized that he could use this to threaten Xu Xiaodong. After Xu Xiaodong also came to Lixia to eat, Wei Xuanhe unkindly hinted that Lei Chuxia had a physical problem.
After Xu Xiaodong understood his hint, he hurried to find Lei Chuxia, and finally found her on the swing in the garden in the middle of the street. Xu Xiaodong was sitting on the swing to the left of Lei Chuxia. Lei Chuxia still wanted to hide it, but Xu Xiaodong had already seen Lei Chuxia’s left hand that became transparent. He didn’t say anything, just stretched out his right hand and clasped her tightly, and the atmosphere became sad and heavy.
The two went to Professor Chen Mo together, and Chen Mo thought for a long time before he thought of a way to keep Lei Chuxia from disappearing-repairing the machine to let Lei Chuxia return to ten years ago, she does not need to rely on the energy of gravitational waves to survive. However, the problem is that Chen Mo failed to repair Wang Yixin’s machine many times.
At this time, Xu Xiaodong remembered what Wei Xuanhe had suggested to him, and asked Professor Chen Mo if he could find Wang Yixin’s experimental materials, would he be more certain. Chen Mo expressed his affirmation, and then found an excuse to dismiss Xu Xiaodong and talk to Lei Chuxia alone. He told Lei Chuxia that if we go back to ten years ago, the gravitational waves from ten years ago may once again send her to ten years later, and she may fall into an infinite loop.
Lei Chuxia felt that she could meet countless times, and fall in love countless times, even if she experienced the cosmic vision, it didn’t matter to her. At this time, Professor Chen Mo mentioned the parallel world. Every choice she made would have different consequences. He wanted Lei Chuxia to remember that what she would face in the end was a destined choice. Saying goodbye to Professor Chen Mo, Xu Xiaodong and Lei Chuxia returned to Lixia Shiguang, and Yuan Yuan told them that she and Jin Xiaorui were getting married.
Lei Chuxia asked Yuan Yuan cautiously whether she would marry Jin Xiaorui if they didn’t have the same feelings they had when they were young. Yuan Yuan answered her affirmatively, and Lei Chuxia was relieved. Marriage is a happy thing. Lei Chuxia and the three of them will be happy in the following days, don’t sigh. Knowing that she was about to leave, she used a video recorder to leave a video for Xu Xiaodong. In the video, she expressed the hope that Xu Xiaodong would not be sad because of her departure.
In order to save Lei Xia, Xu Xiaodong secretly went to Wei Xuanhe, and used Wend’s identity to trade all the research records of Wang Yixin with Wei Xuanhe. Wei Xuanhe logged into Winter’s account and declared that he was Winter. His previous remarks against Flash Cloud were caused by account theft. Because of the influence of Winter’s identity, more people have downloaded the “Family Live System”. Lei Chuxia saw the news and understood everything Xu Xiaodong had silently paid for her behind his back. She wanted to go with Xu Xiaodong to take back Winter’s identity, but Xu Xiaodong expressed that she only hoped that she would be safe.
Lei Chuxia went to Flash Cloud to find Wei Xuanhe, but was stopped by the bodyguard. In desperation, she can only use the last resort. She went to Wei Fu and told Wei Fu what Wei Xuanhe had done. Only then did Weifu know that Wei Xuanhe had done so many wrong things in ten years, and said that he would have a good talk with him and let him know when he was lost. Weifu called Wei Xuanhe to see him, and angrily told Wei Xuanhe that he was not worthy of being his son. Wei Xuanhe did not show any weakness, feeling that Weifu didn’t care about him at all, and he didn’t want to be Weifu’s son anymore.
After Wei Xuanhe had the identity of Winter, he made a mess of “War of the Saints”. Lei Chuxia asked Xu Xiaodong’s colleagues at Yaoyang Technology Company to help, maintain the game world, and wait for the return of the real Winter. As a fan of Winter and a loyal player of the game, they readily agreed to Lei Chuxia’s request.
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