Recap "To Fly With You" episode 1

Nov 25, 2021

The 1996 Asian Cup short-track speed skating women’s 1500m finals are going on intensely. Two Chinese women players are on the second and fifth slides. They are leading all the way. On the last corner, they both There was a sudden error in coordination, and both hit the guardrail next to him, and missed the champion.

More than 20 years later, the 9th University Student Figure Skating Invitational ended successfully. The pair skating champions Shao Beisheng and Liu Fei of Lingbei University’s wind-driven team were invited to return to the show. They cooperated and danced on the ice. There was thunderous applause, and the audience applauded them together.

The wind-driven short-track speed skating team is well-known throughout the country and has won many championships, both large and small. It is the pride of Lingbei University. Shao Beisheng is handsome, handsome and skilled, and is the soul of the team. After the performance, reporters from major media flocked to the club. The staff of the club, Ma, hurriedly found an excuse to push them away, covering Shao Beisheng and Liu Fei from the backstage.

Suddenly, Shao Beisheng received a call from Xiaotong, a member of the team, and he hurried over to see what happened. The junior speed skating team where the kid was a member had chosen a training ground, but was snatched away by a group of wild road children who love speed skating. Shao Beisheng supported the children and them. Shen Zhengyi, known as “the little princess of the wild skater”, arrived in time to complain for the children of Ye Luzi. Shao Beisheng and Shen Zheng refused to give in. They competed on the spot.

Shao Beisheng did not take Shen Zheng seriously. Shen Zheng As soon as he found out that he was wearing figure skating skates, he did not show any weakness, winning the game with the same speed as the flying speed, and Shao Beisheng had to lead the junior team to change venues.

Shen Zheng has been fond of short track speed skating since she was a child. His mother firmly disagrees with her learning speed skating. His father is daring to be angry and dare not speak, so he can only support Shen Zhengyi quietly, and Shen Zheng will practice secretly whenever he has time. Shen Zheng was eager to try new recruits for the wind-driven short track speed skating team. She filled out the registration form without telling her mother. Roommate Zhu Lele was recruited into the short track speed skating team, and she felt that Shen Zhengyi would be admitted.

Shao Beisheng received the long-favored “Black Legend” sneakers, he couldn’t put it down, couldn’t wait to try them on, and then stood in front of the mirror and enjoyed himself. Shao Beisheng was in charge of recruiting new registrations. He brought his roommate Qu Zhi to accompany him. It was the deadline for registration. Shao Beisheng and Qu Zhigang wanted to go to dinner. Shen Zhengyi hurried to hand in the registration form.

She and Shao Beisheng met on a narrow road. Shao Beisheng ridiculed Shen Zhengyi and advised her to give up as soon as possible. Shen Zhengyi teased that Shao Beisheng was her defeated opponent. Individuals fought each other and refused to give in. In the end, Shao Beisheng and Shen Zhengyi made a bet that if Shen Zhengyi could not enter the team, they agreed to Shao Beisheng’s request. If she could enter the team, Shao Beisheng would promise her one thing.

Shen Zhengyi came to participate in the trials on time, Zhu Lele exhorted her, Xiao Han, the deputy coach of the Wind-Zhuying team, came to tell the players about the points of attention. The female players were deeply attracted by his handsome appearance, Xiao Han squatted down to help Shen Zhengyi He laced his shoes, and Shen Zheng couldn’t speak excitedly. At the start of the game, Shen Zhengyi charged forward at the fastest speed, but she had not received professional training, and the corner was her Achilles’ heel. As a result, she fell behind in the corner. Shen Zheng was not convinced and tried her best to catch up. , Because she slammed into the side guardrail too hard, she got up and continued to finish the game. In the end, she didn’t even have any results, let alone enter the wind team.

Xiao Han admired Shen Zhengyi’s talent in speed skating and recommended her to join the wind-seeking short track team to the director. The director did not want to accept this amateur player, worried that she would drag the whole team back. Xiao Han promised to help Shen Zhengyi overcome With shortcomings, he firmly believed that Shen Zheng would become the pride of the Zhanfeng team. The director didn’t want to take the fate of the entire team as a bet, so Xiao Han had no choice but to give up.

Coach Zheng wants to retire due to physical reasons. He urged Xiao Han to take good care of this team. Shao Beisheng deliberately waited for Shen Zhengyi at the entrance of the gymnasium, humiliating her in every possible way, but Shen Zheng was angry, and stomped on him severely and ran away. Shen Zhengyi left his mobile phone on the spot because he was walking in a hurry. Shao Beisheng returned to the dormitory and found that his new shoes had been trampled on. He hated Shen Zheng.

As soon as Shen Zheng found out that the phone was missing, she immediately used Zhu Lele’s phone to call. Shao Beisheng deliberately tricked them into the Botanical Garden. He also asked Shen Zhengyi to search for the phone from the fertilizer. After being teased, she immediately called her own phone, and Shao Beisheng asked her to wait at the library gate in half an hour. Shen Zheng hurried to the library and saw Shao Beisheng from a distance. She yelled with anger, and Shao Beisheng teased her again before willing to return her phone.

Shen Zhengyi suddenly received a call from Xiao Han, and she hurried to the club. Xiao Han specially approved her to train with the Zhanfeng team. Shen Zhengyi cheered happily. Early the next morning, Shen Zhengyi and Zhu Lele came to the Lu Xun room early. The old and new players rushed to Lu Xun. Xiao Han started to warm up one by one. The director brought the gold medal coach Zhuang Yue, who came back from abroad, to Lu Xun. Room, publicly announced that Zhuang Yue will be the head coach of the team. As soon as Zhuang Yue took office, he gave everyone three chapters and increased the amount of training for them.

Zhuang Yue called out Shen Zhengyi alone, and pointed out to her face that her cornering skills were inadequate and did not meet the standards of short track speed skaters. Shen Zhengyi vowed to train hard and strive to meet the requirements in the shortest time. Zhuang Yue did not. Buy it and forcibly drive her away. The director called Xiao Han to the office and asked him to fully cooperate with Zhuang Yue’s work, and drove Shen Zheng away, and Xiao Han had to act accordingly. Shen Zheng left the Zhanfeng team club with a downcast head and ran into Xiao Han head-on. Shen Zhengyi vowed to perfect the cornering technique as soon as possible, and Xiao Han promised to help her get into the Zhanfeng team at that time.