Recap "To Fly With You" Episode 2

Nov 25, 2021

Liu Fei is Shao Beisheng’s partner. She has a deep affection for Shao Beisheng, but Shao Beisheng doesn’t fall in love with her partner. Liu Fei decides to leave the Zhuangfeng team and approach Shao Beisheng again under a different identity. Shao Beisheng is not willing to have Liu Fei’s partner, but he has not yet made a good conversation. Liu Fei was unwilling to prepare for love and struggled with Shao Beisheng.

In order to improve cornering skills, Shen Zheng trained day and night. Zhu Lele was very distressed, but couldn’t help, so she took her to the cafeteria to eat net red ribs. There was a long line at that stall, and Zhu Lele put his schoolbags. Give it to Shen Zhengyi, and she goes to queue to buy spare ribs. Shao Beisheng hurried to the canteen.

He and Shen Zheng were full of arms. The books of Zhu Lele’s schoolbag were scattered all over the place. Shao Beisheng accidentally saw a leaflet of the new style of Lingbei, which recorded his information and preferences in detail. Shao Beisheng mistakenly Thinking that Shen Zhengyi was his stubborn fan, he sneered at Shen Zheng, not allowing Shen Zhengyi to approach him.

Although Shen Zheng trained hard, she still couldn’t find the essentials of speed skating in the corners. She wanted to go to a professional team to learn from her skills, so Zhu Lele accompany her to apply for cleaning at the Wind Club. When Shao Beisheng went out to see Shen Zhengyi, he decided that in order to get close to him, he called Qu Zhi to apply for the job. Shen Zhengyi asked Quzhi to give her the job, and the teacher of the training team weighed it over and over, and chose the strong Quzhi.

Qu Zhi reported to Shao Beisheng for the first time. As soon as Shen Zheng saw the two of them together, he realized that Shao Beisheng was tricking him and rushed over to find his theory. Shao Beisheng teased that Shen Zhengyi used all means to get close to him and moved out of the Lingbei New Style Edition to talk about things. Zhu Lele couldn’t wait to recommend this forum she designed to them. Only when Shao Beisheng realized that she had misunderstood Shen Zhengyi, he reminded her not to engage in curves to save the country, and went directly to the head coach Zhuang Yue to explain her thoughts.

Zhuang Yue found out that Xiao Han had been training alone with Luo Xiaoyi. She was very dissatisfied. Xiao Han repeatedly claimed that Luo Xiaoyi was the team’s hope, and that this was the team’s decision. Zhuang Yue was speechless. Liu Fei came to Shao Beisheng and offered to fall in love with him again. Shao Beisheng lied that he had a girlfriend, but Liu Fei didn’t believe it at all. Shao Beisheng complained directly to Qu, looking for a partner who could not fall in love, but Qu Zhi couldn’t think of a suitable candidate.

Zhuang Yue conducted devil training on the female team members. They were exhausted and complained repeatedly. Zhuang Yue also taught in accordance with their aptitude and arranged training tasks for each team member’s strengths and weaknesses. Finally, Zhuang Yue severely reprimanded Zhu Lele and let She trained wholeheartedly and fined each team member to run a lap, and the female players complained.

Zhuang Yue reported his work to the director, especially Xiao Han’s special training for Luo Xiaoyi. The director was helpless. He and Zhuang Yue only signed a one-year contract. If they can’t get three gold medals this season, the Zhuangfeng team will have to When the disbandment, the director persuaded Zhuang Yue and Xiao Han to cooperate sincerely and must keep the team. Zhuang Yue promised, and the director reminded her to ease the relationship with her son Shao Beisheng as soon as possible. Zhuang Yue felt bitter in her heart.

Lao Ma carefully selected several partners for Shao Beisheng, but he was not satisfied. Shao Beisheng suggested that he would be qualified to be his partner only if he completed the in-situ jump for two and a half weeks. Shen Zhengyi came directly to Zhuang Yue and promised to improve his cornering skills as soon as possible, begging Zhuang Yue to accept her, Zhuang Yue firmly refused to agree, let her go to her own coach to study hard, and Shen Zheng could tell that she had spent more than a decade.

It was self-study. Zhuang Yue couldn’t help but look at her with admiration and promised to give her a week. Shen Zhengyi naturally couldn’t ask for it. Shao Beisheng saw this scene from a distance, he quietly avoided, Zhuang Yue called him loudly, and Shao Beisheng left without looking back in anger.

As soon as Shen Zheng went out and saw Xiao Han, he told her Zhuang Yue’s decision. Shen Zheng had always consulted Xiao Han about speed skating skills in the corners. When they came to the pond, they suddenly heard the child Xiaobao’s cry for help when he fell into the water. When Shen Zheng was not good at swimming, she still jumped into the pond to save people at all costs. Xiao Han couldn’t help but think of the incident when her younger brother Xiaofeng fell into the water when he was a child. Xi Shui gradually sank to the bottom of the river.

Shao Beisheng passed by. He did not hesitate to jump into the pond to save Shen Zhengyi. Shen Zhengyi was unconscious because of drowning. Shao Beisheng gave her artificial respiration. Shen Zhengyi finally recovered. Xiao Han picked her up and went to the hospital to dry Shao Beisheng. To the side. Shen Zhengyi mistakenly thought that Xiao Han was saving her, and became even more obsessed with Xiao Han.

Shao Beisheng kept coughing because of the cold to save Shen Zheng, and Qu Zhi persuaded him to get the medicine. Shao Beisheng came to the infirmary and Shen Zhengyi also came to get the medicine. Shao Beisheng thought that Shen Zheng would come to thank him for saving his life, but he did not expect that Shen Zheng would ignore him. Shao Beisheng deliberately approached Shen Zhengyi and Shen Zheng. A pair of him shunned, and the two people disagreeed and began to quarrel again. Shen Zhengyi accidentally revealed that Xiao Han had rescued her, and Shao Beisheng was immediately dumbfounded.