Recap "To Fly With You" Episode 4

Nov 25, 2021

Shen Zheng ran home in one breath and saw her mother preparing dinner. She turned around to ask her mother if there was any express delivery. Her mother admitted that she had taken apart her express delivery. Shen Zheng complained incessantly, and how painful his father came back in time for Shen Zheng. A rescue. Only then did Shen Zhengyi know that his father had secretly hid the notice from the Wind-Zhuying Team.

Shen Zhengyi got the coveted notice and happily closed her mouth from ear to ear. Her father was worried that she would not be able to take it anymore. Shen Zhengyi liked skating the most. She was ready to endure hardships. Her father gave her a thousand warnings. Early in the morning, Shen Zheng changed into the team uniform of the Zhanfeng team and came to the Lu training room. The old players headed by Liu Sisi ridiculed her, and Zhu Lele stood up for Shen Zheng’s fight. Zhuang Yue and Xiao Han came to Lu Xun’s room one after another.

Inter-school trials are about to be held. Zhuang Yue reminded Shen Zheng that one of the team members is a trial player and must get the top three in order to be eligible to stay in the Zhuangfeng team. Zhuang Yue announced that she will be from now on. Responsible for the training of the old players, let Xiao Han bring new players, Luo Xiaoyi strongly protested and insisted that Xiao Han continue to give her special training, Zhuang Yue firmly refused to agree.

Xiao Han took the new players to train, and Shen Zhengyi slid out of the established route in the curve again. Xiao Han patiently explained to her and encouraged her not to be discouraged. Luo Xiaoyi was very dissatisfied, thinking that Shen Zhengyi deliberately approached Xiao Han. She came to Xiao Han for theory. Xiao Han wanted to train Shen Zhengyi to replace Liu Sisi as her sparring partner. Luo Xiaoyi reluctantly agreed, but she wanted to follow Xiao Han to continue her special training. Practice, Xiao Han promised.

Shao Beisheng and Xiao Qing started formal training. The two of them cooperated tacitly. Shao Beisheng wanted to shine in the trials and actively asked for an additional hour of training. Xiao Qing also had this intention, and the horse coach had to give in. Xiao Qing heard that Liu Fei liked Shao Beisheng, and Shao Beisheng made it clear that he would not fall in love with his partner. Xiao Qing also believed that this should be said beforehand, so as not to affect the training.

After the training, Shen Zhengyi went to Xiao Han for advice. Liu Sisi took the opportunity to instigate Luo Xiaoyi. The new player Fang Nan wanted to train for an extra hour. Xiao Han agreed to her request. Liu Sisi saw Fang Nan not pleasing to her eyes and gave her everywhere. Find the difference. Qu Zhi took a photo of Shao Beisheng’s childhood to Zhu Lele, and Zhu Lele was ecstatic.

As soon as Shen Zheng came to fight for Fang Nan, Liu Sisi became angry and yelled at Shen Zheng. Zhuang Yue came over after hearing the news, gave them a severe lesson, and announced that all the staff will be trained for one hour starting today.

Liu Sisi and the veteran team members blocked Shen Zheng in the locker room, accusing her of harming everyone, and verbalizing at her. Liu Sisi also angrily accused her of taking up Luo Xiaoyi’s special training time. Shen Zheng turned his lips back and sneered at her. Liu Sisi took a cup of anger. Water splashed on Shen Zheng’s face, forcing Shen Zheng to bow and apologize to all the team members. Shen Zheng ignored her and slammed the door in anger.

As soon as Shen Zheng went out and ran into Shao Beisheng, Shao Beisheng saw that she was being bullied at a glance, and promised to support her from now on, and also took off her coat to warm Shen Zhengyi, Shen Zhengyi’s heart was warm. Shao Beisheng caught a cold again. Qu Zhi found out the reason and couldn’t help but teased him. Shao Beisheng asked Quzhi about Shen Zhengyi’s grievances and asked Qu Zhi to take care of Shen Zhengyi.

Luo Xiaoyi called on Liu Sisi and the veteran team members to deliberately confront Zhuang Yue, wanting to oust her as soon as possible and let Xiao Han be the head coach. Today was the first combined training for new and old players. Zhuang Yue let Luo Xiaoyi take the lead, let Shen Zheng arrive at the end of the team, and reminded her not to speed, so as not to affect other people’s training, Shen Zheng was easy to follow.

Luo Xiaoyi, Liu Sisi and others winked, they suddenly speeded up and surpassed Shen Zheng one lap, mocking her, Shen Zheng was not convinced, she speeded up to catch up with Luo Xiaoyi and Liu Sisi and others, Zhuang Yue stopped loudly, but it didn’t help. Several people bumped into each other while talking. Zhuang Yue brought the injured team member to the infirmary, and publicly announced that Shen Zhengyi would not be allowed to participate in training on the ice, and also fined her to clean the training room, and fined Luo Xiaoyi and Liu Sisi to clean the Lu training room.

Qu Zhi returned to the dormitory to report to Shao Beisheng the grievances suffered by Shen Zhengyi. Shao Beisheng immediately summoned people to help Shen Zhengyi with the tools during the training.