Recap "Would You Like A Cup Of Coffee" Ep 9

Nov 22, 2021

This is especially true for normal relationships that have gone through the usual arguments. Once a child established a line of personal space, only a parent is warranted to cross it.

The 9th episode of Would You Like A Cup of Coffee highlights Mina’s life as a webtoon artist and her relationship with her mom.

As an artist with an expected struggle to focus, she also confronts deadline problems in her career. When her mother visits her and goes for the usual voluntary cooking and obliges her daughter to eat, Mina relents. However, she loses cool when she was stuck with her deadline and forces her mom to leave her to focus.

Remembering a photo of pills from her mom’s phone, she checks on what kind of are those and figures out her mom’s real intention. Mina chides herself for being harsh to her mom suffering the early stages of cancer.

Would You Like a Cup of Coffee ep 9 kdramadiary d

Most of us would feel guilty about how when our life problems strike, our parents become the shock absorber. We might get annoyed for teaching them the same thing about maneuvering their social media accounts when they asked it not long ago. Often reiterating to them in case we are being treated like a child is also a common repeated concerns in filial relationships.

Just like we are a neverending source of woes and happiness for our parents, we sadly often forget that they are our very own blessings.

Like Mina, it’s inevitable to cause heartaches to our parents. The idea that we can be absolved for whatever bad thing we can do that would impact them, is covered by their boundless love. As we become more mature, hopefully though, we lessen those moments from happening.


Coffee Waves

Meanwhile, the concept of the franchise and specialty coffee was also introduced in this episode. Our support for the 2nd Generation cafe baristas springs from their genuine passion to serve feel-good-inducing coffee.

Since following this series, I’ve included a goal to check the coffee served by quaint neighborhood cafes than the franchise cafes I’ve been used to. We saw Park Seok’s passion in making every cup of coffee he and Gobi serve to bring out a healing moment for the customers. At the same time, his constructive pride also wants him to better his ways to keep up with the ongoing trend in the cafe business.

Would You Like a Cup of Coffee ep 9 kdramadiary