Recap: You Are My Glory (2021) Episode 11

Jul 28, 2021
Recap: You Are My Glory (2021) Episode 11
Jingjing pulled the corner of her clothes and looked at Yu Tu. She took the initiative to mention the restaurant’s affairs to Yu Tu. It was her fault for the improper wording that day. Yu Tu has been waiting for Jingjing’s news these days. He read Jingjing’s record and wondered if Jingjing still needs him. Jingjing mentioned the strange parts that Yutu had sent over the past few days. He wanted Yutu to have dinner at her house.
After a day’s train ride on the way, Yutu knew that he didn’t have a good taste to bother Jingjing, so he only planned to go home to take a bath and rest tomorrow. Come again. Knowing that Yu Tu was tired, Jingjing asked the driver to send Yu Tu home without saying a word. He couldn’t allow Yu Tu to refuse halfway.
Lao Guan’s wife told Lao Guan to keep his promises and stop going on business this year. He is always concerned about things. He knows that his illness can’t be concealed anymore. He only frankly told his wife that there is something wrong with his body, but he is confident that he will be able to overcome it. Question, stay with your wife and children.
Yu Tu returned home. He was lying in bed exhausted. Lao Guan’s wife Shen Jing called Yu Tu. She thanked Yu Tu for taking care of Lao Guan in Xi’an, but she and Lao Guan had no relatives in Shanghai. In the evening, she will go home to take care of the children, so Laoguan can only ask Yutu to take care of her. Yu Tu has a deep relationship with Lao Guan, so he agreed to the matter without saying a word, packed his clothes and rushed to the hospital.
Shen Jing’s illness caused Shen Jing to panic at once, but she couldn’t force her up. Not only did she have to take care of her, but she also had children to accompany her. When taking care of her, she had to worry about the feelings of the child and think of these things. She couldn’t help crying sadly.
When Lao Guan woke up, he was going to hire a nurse. He didn’t want Yu Tu to run to the hospital often for him, and he had been comforting himself. The cure rate of this disease was extremely high, and he would surely be able to survive it. Shen Jing was also comforting her to support herself. Shen Jing wiped away her tears before entering the ward. She has been taking good care of Laoguan firmly, so that Laoguan must have confidence. When she is sick, she will be on vacation at Laoguan. Shanghai is with her.
During the day, Yu Tu bought breakfast and came to Jingjing’s house. As always, he pointed to Jingjing to play games. Seeing Jingjing’s serious appearance, Yu Tu couldn’t help but move in his heart. After the ten-game winning streak, Yu Tu continued to repair the projector. Jingjing was playing games next to him. She was ridiculed by her teammates. Jingjing had to move out the rescue team and let Yu Tu help her finish the second half of the game.
After coming back from this business trip, Jingjing obviously felt the changes in Yutu. He became more gentle and patient than before. Therefore, Jingjing also had the courage to use the mobile phone on the trip to play games. It just happened that the special model for the game followed Yu. Tu’s mobile phone is the same. While helping Jingjing play the second half of the game, Yu Tu tells Jingjing his mobile phone password so that Jingjing can play the game on her own.
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