Recap: You Are My Glory (2021) Episode 12

Jul 28, 2021
Recap: You Are My Glory (2021) Episode 12
Jingjing asked Yu Tu’s WeChat if she added high school classmates. She wanted to take a look at the high school classmate’s circle of friends. Checking the WeChat circle of friends is always an intimate action, but Yu Tu accepted Jingjing without saying anything. This is the circle of friends. Friends saw that Jingjing is their high school classmate, so you can watch it directly. With Yutu’s permission, Jingjing felt sweet in her heart. After Yutu helped her win the game, she also prepared a mobile phone for Yutu to win back a game for Yutu.
While the two were playing the game, Peipei called and said that the brand had given Jingjing a birthday gift. Peipei wanted the driver to bring it up, but Jingjing suddenly wanted Yutu to help her move it. I thought it was a gift from the brand, but Peipei revealed that it was the clothes, shoes, and bag that Jingjing bought.
Jingjing didn’t want Yu Tu to see her squandering image, but Peipei was a teammate of the pig. Jin said that Jingjing’s cloakroom had too many clothes and too messy, and Yu Tu couldn’t help but smile softly. He didn’t think Jingjing half-point was bad, Jingjing was overjoyed. As time passed, Yu Tu was still going to the hospital to take care of Laoguan, so Jingjing didn’t have to prepare his dinner from tomorrow. When Jingjing played, he would say hello to Laoguan and try to make time. Go to watch Jingjing game.
When Yu Tu rushed to the hospital, Lao Guan talked to Shen Jing about Yu Tu’s girlfriend. Before that, Shen Jing planned to introduce Yu Tu’s girlfriend. She heard Lao Guan said that Yu Tu has a girlfriend, so she wanted to see her. Yu Tu couldn’t take out the photos, and Shen Jing deliberately looked like business, ignoring that the two left the ward. Yu Tu went out to send Shen Jing, and Shen Jing apologized to Yu Tu. She just joked to let Lao Guan relax. She would not introduce her younger sister to Yu Tu. Yu Tu looked like Lao Guan and started working. She couldn’t take care of her family at all, she didn’t want her junior sister to suffer from her own suffering.
Because of taking care of Lao Guan, Yu Tu had to reject his senior brother’s offer. He returned to the ward and saw Lao Guan prepared to explain clearly about his work. Although Lao Guan had always been optimistic, he still considered the worst. In the middle of the night, Laoguan suddenly vomited. The doctor checked Laoguan and confirmed the cancer.
He hoped that Laoguan would undergo surgery as soon as possible. Laoguan was still in a coma, and Shen Jing asked Yu Tu to follow the Husuo and his wife who came to see Laoguan to go back first. Husuo and his wife were sick of Laoguan, and only hoped that Laoguan would get better as soon as possible, and he also asked Yu Tuxian to conceal With Professor Zhang, both of them are Professor Zhang’s most proud students, I am afraid that Professor Zhang will not be able to accept this.
Yu Tu agreed, and at the same time he wanted to understand his thoughts. He applied to the institute to extend his one-week holiday. When he rescued the JX in Xi’an, he knew that he had to stand in the aerospace institute. Investment banking was never his dream. , And in this week, he not only wanted to take care of Yutu more, but also had things he hadn’t done yet.
Yu Tu and Jingjing watched an e-sports game at home. Yu Tu fell asleep watching half of the game due to excessive fatigue. Jingjing intimately reduced her voice and observed Yu Tu’s sleeping face, and wanted to secretly take pictures of Yu Tu. Unexpectedly, Jingjing moved too much. She fell on Yu Tu. Yu Tu was awakened by Jingjing. He only mistakenly thought that Jingjing wanted to get oranges. He took two oranges for Jingjing and asked about the result of the game. . Before watching the game, the two made a bet. Whoever loses will agree to a request from the other side.
Yu Tu won. His request is for Jingjing to tell him the birthday gift he wants at the end of the month. Jingjing has never played games until now. I have never experienced a five-in-one peerless, her birthday gift is to let Yu Tu use her own style of play to give him a five-in-one peerless. One month’s time was about to pass, and Jingjing’s entertainment competition was about to begin. She gave Yu Tu two tickets so that Yu Tu took Zhai Liang to watch her game. She wanted Zhai Liang to know that the most beautiful one on stage That girl is their teammate all the time.
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