Recap: You Are My Glory (2021) Episode 13

Jul 29, 2021
Recap: You Are My Glory (2021) Episode 13
The awards ceremony of the King of Glory, major e-sports professional players and well-known figures attended, and Jingjing as the spokesperson of the King of Glory also attended as scheduled. Before the ceremony, she went to the backstage to meet the professional players. Her professionalism and approachability make All the professional players have a good opinion, and they all ask for autographed photos with Jingjing.
At the awards ceremony, contestants entered the field one after another, and Jingjing also came to greet her teammates. The staff started the draw, Jingjing won two teammates, and the remaining three also formed a team. Both teams have named their own teams, Jingjing named the Lucky Lai team, and the other team named the Star Picking Team.
In addition to teammates, both teams also had to select two teammates from professional professional players. Jingjing chose Zhou Yin and Xuexue according to Yu Tu’s instructions. Zhou Yin and Xia Xue are in the same team. Jingjing believes that teammates who choose the same team will have a 1+1>2 effect, and everyone has to look at Jingjing with admiration.
At the beginning of the game, Jingjing gave full play to her expertise and won praise from professional players. Fans were very curious about Jingjing’s tactics. A fierce match started as scheduled. Both players began to ban heroes. The opponent targeted Jingjing’s hero pool. They banned the auxiliary heroes that Jingjing had posted. Jingjing’s mouth smirked, and she was good at more than just assisting. hero. After banning the heroes, Jingjing did not hesitate to choose Donghuang Taiyi, which surprised everyone present. Only the one who came to watch Jingjing’s game was clear and didn’t worry about Jingjing at all.
In the King of Glory game, Jingjing’s ex-boyfriend Su also came to watch the game. He saw that Jingjing’s technique was a big surprise. With the high cooperation of Jingjing and his teammates, Good Luck came to the team to win the game. Victory, the audience exclaimed. Jingjing won the first game. She took the lead in drawing the right to ban the opponent’s multiple heroes in the next game, while the star-catching team was drawn to the right to eliminate the opponent’s mvp in the previous game.
As the mvp of the last game, he was eliminated. Jingjing mentioned the rules of the official blog. She was free to pick one of her teammates from the audience, so she decided to choose a non-professional player, this non-professional player. Professional players have always been her teammates, and this time, she also wants to fight alongside Yu Tu.
Yu Tu was named, his head appeared on the big screen, and he went to Jingjing’s appointment with a smile. The thin lips raised a slight smile, and all the girls present were impressed by Yu Tu’s looks. Jingjing couldn’t help but think of Yu Tu in high school. At that time, she also watched Yu Tu come on stage, and only felt that Yu Tu was very dazzling. The second difference is that Yu Tu is walking towards her home court, her world, and Yu Tu is welcome to enter her life little by little.
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