Recap: You Are My Glory (2021) Episode 14

Jul 29, 2021
Recap: You Are My Glory (2021) Episode 14
When Yu Tu came on stage, the host asked about the relationship between Yu Tu and Jingjing. Jingjing confessed that Yu Tu was her high school and junior high school alumni. The two had not been in contact for many years. This time, they reconnected because of the glory of the king. of. The host made a joke of the two, Ling sister frowned in the backstage, for fear that someone would pick up Jingjing’s high school breaking news posts, guessing that it was a boy who refused Jingjing because of the way, and Yu Tu had a girlfriend at the time. Yes, Jingjing will be misunderstood as a third party involved in the feelings of others. Sister Ling took Jingjing into consideration. She deliberately mentioned Yu Tu’s singleness on stage, and Yu Tu also cooperated with Jingjing extremely tacitly.
Before the start of the competition, Yu Tu announced his nickname as the king and at the same time announced that he was an aerospace designer, which surprised Jingjing beside him. The fierce game in the second game did not lose to the previous game. What’s more, the star-catching team already knew Jingjing’s strength. Yu Tu analyzed the situation of this game and let Jingjing choose boldly. In this game, he will play the mid laner. ,
Jingjing comes to fight the shooter, and Baili Shouyue is Jingjing’s best hero. Both players began to ban heroes. Jingjing’s Donghuang Taiyi was banned. Her situation has changed very much. Netizens have said that Jingjing is a spokesperson who can only play support. Changing the style of the game, she chose Baili Shouyi heroes, which surprised the audience.
The audience was staring at Jingjing’s Baili Shouyue, her first shot hit the hero, justifying her ability. Next, Jingjing and Yu Tu fought side by side and waved across the entire Canyon of Kings. The two cooperated tacitly. In addition, the teammates were also very powerful. Jingjing’s shot surprised the audience, and everyone exaggerated Jingjing. . Afterwards, the five people Tailang walked away, and his teammates were greatly discouraged. The fans in the audience also watched the game nervously, but Yu Tu disapproved. His Zhuge Liang won after the first wave of resurrection.
Four consecutive extraordinary. Zhuge Liang’s skills are so strong that even the professional players of the king felt their eyes bright, and they wanted to watch the replay. This round was more exciting and exciting than the last round. Good luck, the team finally won the round nervously after having waved all over the court.
The winner was determined. The audience cheered. The Star Reach teammates clapped each other to celebrate the victory. When Jingjing stood up because the heels of her high heels were too high, she almost fell and helped Jingjing on the way. A handful. The eyes of the two faced each other, and there was light in their eyes. This scene fell into President Su’s eyes, and President Su stared at Jingjing for a long time without moving away.
Jingjing’s strength convinced netizens all over the country. The tacit understanding between her and Yu Tu made fans happily accept this brother-in-law, and the entertainment game ended. Jingjing went to accept the award for the next session, and Yu Tu only waited for her with Jingjing’s mobile phone. After finishing all the links, Jingjing brought Yu Tu’s coat to look for him. Yu Tu wanted to take the subway back, but Jingjing took Yu Tu and wanted to follow Yu Tu to leave through a special passage, so Yu Tu had to speak out. Should be down.
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