Recap: You Are My Glory (2021) Episode 15

Jul 30, 2021
Recap: You Are My Glory (2021) Episode 15
Jingjing and Yu Tu took the driver’s car back together. Yu Tu was very worried along the way, but Jingjing paid attention to the hot search. After seeing Yu Tu and her on the same hot search, she quickly asked Ling sister to suppress the hot search. , She didn’t want Yu Tu to be overly concerned. After solving the hot search, Jingjing mentioned Yu Tu on the stage and said that his profession is an aerospace designer.
Yu Tu said frankly that he was going back to the research institute and would go back to work tomorrow, so he probably could never send Jingjing Wulian Peerless. Wulian Peerless is the birthday present Jingjing wants. Jingjing is quite disappointed in her heart. What makes her even more disappointed is Yu Tu’s reckless indifference towards her.
Yu Tu asked Jingjing to stop on the way, he was going to go back by subway, and he had to go to work tomorrow. Although Jingjing was disappointed in her heart, she still agreed to Yu Tu and let Yu Tu go back. Afterwards, looking at Yu Tu’s back, Jingjing was deeply afraid that this difference would be forever. She made up her mind to say what was in her heart, so she caught up with Yu Tu and mustered up the courage to ask Yu Tu if she would be willing to be with her.
Seeing Jingjing’s hopeful smile, Yu Tuqiang suppressed the sadness in his heart and rejected Jingjing. Jingjing belongs to a world full of sparkles, and he belongs to another world, and the two are destined to be unable to be together. The confession was rejected in high school, and now it is also rejected when she meets again. Jingjing is sad and wept. She turned and left, and couldn’t help crying loudly on the road.
When Yu Tu returned home alone, it happened that Zhai Liang was playing a game. Zhai Liang not only knew that Yu Tu was going to play a game with Jingjing, but also knew Jingjing’s voice very well. He wanted to break the casserole and ask the end, but Yu Tu looked on. Tired, he had no choice but to suppress the curiosity in his heart.
The next day, Yu Tu returned to the institute to work. Professor Zhang was very pleased with the return of Tu. He apologized to Yu Tu about what he said in the hotel that day. He also wanted to know if Yu Tu wanted to stay in the institute. Yu Tu nodded affirmatively. Professor Zhang asked Yu Tu to work hard. He mentioned Jingjing in his spare time and thought Jingjing was good. He considered Jingjing, but Yu Tu said that he was not worthy of Jingjing. Professor Zhang was because of Yu Tu. This sentence is quite angry. In his eyes, aerospace is the most romantic job. If it is because of money, even if Yu Tu’s annual salary is millions of millions, Jingjing may not make more.
When Yu Tu devoted himself to work, he returned to a familiar post and his professionalism was still affirmed by everyone. He repeated experiments again and again in boring experiments. While resting, Yu Tu watched Jingjing’s birthday interview. He remembered the gift he had promised Jingjing earlier. He wanted to give Jingjing a five-year-old masterpiece, but he still broke his promise. After seeing the sadness of Shen Jingyinguan being absent all year round, Yu Tu didn’t want Jingjing to take the same path. Not only could he not give Jingjing company, but also her material life, how could he be worthy of this? Can be shining Jingjing.
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