Recap: You Are My Glory (2021) Episode 16

Jul 30, 2021
Recap: You Are My Glory (2021) Episode 16
Yu Tu checked the detailed reports and drawings of each sub-system, and suspected that the failure of the experiment was an electromagnetic interference problem, so he determined that the problem was solved through the wheel loading experiment. After solving this problem, Yu Turang left work together in advance because it was the birthday of the colleague’s girlfriend. Later, Hu Suo and Professor Zhang came to Yu Tu’s side.
They affirmed Yu Tu’s work ability. Hu Suo asked Yu Tu to take over part of Guan’s work next month, and Professor Zhang learned that Guan was about to undergo surgery. After all, this matter could not be kept for long. Hu Suo and Professor Zhang and his party all came to the operating room to wait. Fortunately, the operation was very successful, and everyone put down the boulder in their hearts.
Lao Guan woke up, Yu Tu came to the hospital to see Lao Guan, and told Lao Guan about his return to work in the institute. The two chatted for a while about work problems. Lao Guan guessed that his next project will be the next person to take over the project. Tong Bo It’s just that Tong Bo’s thoughts are conservative. The project he made may not have an international advantage in a few years, but the young people in Yutu have their own avant-garde ideas, so they decided to use the project to persuade Professor Zhang and let Professor Zhang be in charge. With this project, they were able to continue to use Laoguan’s plan for this project, and Laoguan also named this project the name of the search god.
In Beijing, Xia Qing made an appointment with her best friend for a drink. The best friend saw that she was still caring about Yu Tu. Although Xia Qing never regretted breaking up with Yu Tu, she insisted on opposing it when she learned that Yu Tu was in contact with Jingjing. Yu Tu can fall in love with anyone, but Jingjing can’t, so she plans to go to Shanghai for this.
The first thing Xia Qing did when she came to Shanghai was to make an appointment with her classmates. Yu Tu was out of time and only asked Zhai Liang to push the appointment. The party couldn’t meet Yu Tu, so Xia Qing had to call Yu Tu herself, wanting to know who Miss Qiao was known to everyone at the last class reunion in the restaurant, Yu Tu did not hesitate to tell Xia Qing, of course it was Jingjing. After hanging up the phone, Yu Tu returned home to eat instant noodles.
Zhai Liang was asked by Xia Qing to ask Yu Tu. Yu Tu only refused, but Xia Qing refused to give up. She asked for the address of the institute and insisted on staying. The coffee shop near the institute is equivalent to the way. At first, the two chose to break up because of their ideals and reality, but now Xia Qing is unable to settle down and decides to go back to Yutu again.
Yu Tu couldn’t hold back Xia Qing. He came to see Xia Qing. Xia Qing came to Shanghai this time because she was unwilling to lose to Jingjing. So when she saw Yu Tu, she asked Jingjing’s side by side. The matter also meant that Jingjing was able to stand behind the heels of the dragon and snake entertainment industry. Yu Tu was a little dissatisfied with Xia Qing’s words. He apologized to Xia Qing for the fact that the two broke up after they were together back then, but two People are in the past, and now he has no idea about Xia Qing anymore. After seeing Xia Qing, Yu Tu watched Jingjing’s interview video again, and kept thinking of Jingjing in his heart.
Zhai Liang mentioned the distance between Jingjing and Yu Tu. Now Jingjing said that he disappeared and then disappeared, saying hello. He doesn’t play, he thinks Jingjing star has a bad air and approachable. Yu Tu learned that Jingjing never played the game again, and felt very sad. At the same time, he explained clearly that Jingjing gave him two tickets, but he didn’t give the tickets to Zhai Liang, and this time it was not Jingjing for no reason. The disappearance was his fault. He made Jingjing angry, and he hoped that Zhai Liang would not misunderstand Jingjing.
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