Recap: You Are My Glory (2021) Episode 5

Jul 26, 2021
Recap: You Are My Glory (2021) Episode 5
After Xia Qing met with Yu Tu, Yu Tu wanted to send Xia Qing to the subway station, but now Xia Qing is no longer what she used to be. She called a special car and did not want to squeeze the subway again. Before parting, Xia Qing frankly told Yu Tu that there was only a vast sky in Yu Tu’s heart, and that she had never existed. Yu Tu shouldn’t have delayed her back then. After sending off Xia Qing, Yu Tu returned to Jingjing’s house. Looking at Yu Tu’s cold expression, Jingjing guessed that the two of them were not talking smoothly.
Jingjing and Yu Tu started the game practice again. Zhai Liang spoke during the game. He didn’t know what happened between Jingjing and Yu Tu. He only told Jingjing about the news that Tu had left early and returned late. With a bit of pride in her heart, Yu Tu came over and turned off Jingjing’s voice, allowing her to play the game at ease.
At this moment, the doorbell rang, and he went to open the door on the way. The person who never wanted to knock on the door was Jingjing’s ex-boyfriend, Mr. Su, a big coffee in the financial world. Mr. Su looked at the two people in front of him with a bit of embarrassment. He left wittily. Jingjing closed the door and asked Pepe, the assistant who came to deliver the meal later, to change her door password. Obviously she did not welcome Mr. Su. ‘s arrival
Mr. Su’s talents were also heard by Yutu. Jingjing talked about the reasons for her breaking up with Mr. Su. The other party asked her to resign after six months of dating, and she broke up without saying a word. Later, Jingjing asked Yu Tu and Xia Qing why he broke up. Yu Tu confessed that he left Beijing after graduating from undergraduate and the two broke up. From Yu Tu’s mouth, Jingjing also learned that the reason why Yu Tu’s undergraduate majored in finance was because his parents disagreed with his aerospace dream.
He not only finished his undergraduate degree in finance, but also taught himself aviation, and squeezed into today’s China Aerospace Research Institute. Knowing that Yu Tu insisted on her dream, Jingjing was also happy from the bottom of her heart, but she was puzzled that Yu Tu had many vacations. Yu Tu put down her chopsticks, her eyes were a little bleak and said, he intends to give up the stars and the sea, give up him Persist in the aerospace dream for so many years.
When Yu Tu returned home, Zhai Liang came to see Yu Tu. He knew about the meeting between Yu Tu and Xia Qing and asked about their meeting. Yu Tu briefly skipped it. Zhai Liang mentioned the invitation of his college classmate Qu Ming to dinner. This meal was served for Zhai Liang. Zhai Liang asked Yu Tu to agree to the meal. Yu Tu made an appointment on time. Qu Ming made an appointment with a few college classmates. As soon as Yu Tu arrived, he teased Yu Tu. He even more politely said that he had invited Xia Qing to come, and he also directed and acted in a play Xia Qing temporary.
Something can’t come. Yu Tu knew that Xia Qing had returned to Beijing, and he did not dismantle Qu Ming. It was not until Xia Qing sent a message in the group that Qu Ming’s play was broken without attack. It turned out that Qu Ming could not make an appointment with Xia Qing alone. An appointment was made on behalf of the classmates, but Xia Qing did not attend the appointment at all, but instead invited Yu Tu.
Qu Ming knew that Yu Tu was about to leave the Aerospace Institute. He pretended to be generous and arrogant to show his wealth and power. He also deliberately ridiculed Yu Tu, saying that Yu Tu now changed career and just graduated. Health is average. Zhai Liang realized that Qu Ming’s drunkard’s meaning was not in drinking.
He spoke out of injustice. He just graduated with an annual salary of one million and was not as arrogant as Qu Ming. Everyone is a classmate, how Qu Ming is like this. On the other hand, Jingjing knew that Yu Tu was going to eat at the restaurant. She asked Peipei to buy salad for her. Peipei heard Qu Ming’s sarcasm about Tu, and she didn’t hesitate to call Jingjing. Jingjing couldn’t tolerate bullying.
Yu Tu immediately contacted the owner of the restaurant and asked the boss to deliver a meal for Yu Tu, and in the name of Miss Qi and Yu Tu, he sent a bottle of Romani Conti that they had deposited. The restaurant is expensive, not to mention that this bottle of wine is expensive. Everyone can’t help but take a different look at Tu. As soon as Yu Tu heard that Ms. Qi knew it was made by Jingjing, he got up and left and took away the Romani Jingjing ordered for him. Kande.
Yu Tu brought the wine to see Jingjing, and he thanked Jingjing for what he had done for him. Jingjing also told Yu Tu of her careful plan. This bottle of wine was worth only a few hundred yuan. This bottle was an empty bottle for her filming, so she was reluctant to invite those people to drink thousands of good wines. Since Yu Tu had already brought the wine, Jingjing also planned to take a rest. She returned to the house to set up the candlelight and atmosphere, and invited Yu Tu to drink with her.
Yu Tu and Jingjing had a drink together, and the two chatted very happily. After drinking a few glasses of wine, Yu Tu thought of his current situation, his eyes were full of sadness and worries. Jingjing deliberately changed the subject to make Yu Tu happy. She told Yu Tu about the fun of the game, and it was more about the way. The show started to take a selfie in front of him, coaxing Yu Tu to be happy. After drinking, Yu Tu left alone. He saw Zhai Liang’s news. Zhai Liang asked about Ms. Qi’s identity. Yu Tu’s mouth twitched. Only Ms. Qi was his old classmate, who had just met.
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