Recap: You Are My Glory (2021) Episode 6

Jul 26, 2021
Recap: You Are My Glory (2021) Episode 6
When Jingjing woke up, she saw Yu Tu and asked her what breakfast she was going to have. With a smile on her mouth, she asked Yu Tu to bring some casually, and it was rare to make coffee for Yu Tu by herself. Although Jingjing is greedy, she still has the consciousness that an actress should have and controls the calories she consumes. Yu Tu has always been careful.
He changed his previous habit and brought Jingjing a low-calorie breakfast. Jingjing exaggerated Yu Tu and asked Yu Tu to get her coffee. Jingjing rarely does it. Although she drew a rabbit pattern on the coffee, her technique is too jerky. A rabbit pattern that does not resemble a rabbit makes Yu Tu dumbfounded.
While eating, Yu Tu analyzed her current strength for Jingjing, thinking that Jingjing is not suitable for junglers, but only suitable for shooters and mages. Jingjing disliked the low appearance of several shooters, and Yu Tu recommended the hero of Baili Keeping Contract for Jingjing. In order to allow Jingjing to grow up enough, Yu Tu analyzed the king’s strategy for Jingjing.
He personally demonstrated it on paper, and let Jingjing play in the next half of the day and watch professional games for half a day. Only when Jingjing can know his opponent the next second It’s barely a pass when he moves.
Yu Tu’s serious and high demands reminded Jingjing of her high school years. She complained about Yu Tu. If Yu Tu was willing to teach her mathematics in high school, she would definitely pass the Tsinghua University, and she is also the actress with the highest education in the entertainment industry. Seeing that Jingjing wanted to test Tsinghua for fans, Yu Tu thought that Jingjing’s fans would be very happy. Jingjing hid her little thoughts.
She didn’t want to test Tsinghua for fans. Before Yu Tu left, Jingjing told Yu Tu that she was going to attend the Double Eleven party tomorrow, so that Yu Tu could watch her sing. Yu Tu only asked Jingjing to send him a message before she played, and he was going to watch Jingjing’s programme.
Zhai Liang was about to go to Hangzhou to find Dragon King for two days. He wanted Yu Tu to go with him, but Yu Tu refused. Zhai Liang only felt that Yu Tu was very strange in the past few days. He had been leaving early and returning late. After Zhai Liang left, Yu Tu received a message from a senior. He went to a dinner appointment. During the meal, Jingjing invited him to play games. He only refused the senior brother’s invitation to the bar.
After leaving the restaurant, he found a chair and sat down with him. Jingjing opened a group. When the group started, both sides spoke. Jingjing said a few more words to her teammates. When she quarreled, she said that she and Yu Tu were lovers and won the game. After the game, Yu Tu refused the invitation of his teammates and prepared to go home. Jingjing accepted the invitation and pulled Yu Tu.
Yu Tu had to play with Jingjing indulgently. The two played again as a couple. Winning the game, Yu Tu’s fierceness made Jingjing couldn’t help the groundhog screaming. After the game, Yu Tu sent a WeChat message to Jingjing, but his tone was too affectionate, so he selectively withdrew the news, and only silently followed Jingjing’s next program.
The news that Yu Tu withdrew was still seen by Jingjing, and Jingjing was absent-minded the next day, thinking about why Yu Tu withdrew the news. Yu Tu saw that Jingjing was absent-minded and also let Jingjing go. It happened that he was going to leave first when there was a party tonight. Seeing Yu Tu going out to the party, Jingjing’s tone was full of envy. On this single party night , She can only stay in this house. Before he left, Yu Tu glanced at Jingjing, but said that even if he was going to take Jingjing out, how could Jingjing’s identity dare to go out and make an appearance.
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