Taeyeon’s weight loss secret

Sep 28, 2021

During an appearance on the show Petkage, Taeyeon shared about her food menu. She said that she does not eat 3 meals a day but divides them into several meals for better absorption by the body.

Taeyeon’s 1-day menu includes:

Breakfast: A glass of milk, banana and fruits Lunch: Vegetables and water Dinner: Rice and green vegetables.

Taeyeon drinks about 2 liters of water every day. She drinks water to reduce body fat. Besides, water also helps her fill her stomach when she feels hungry.

Taeyeon’s weight loss secret

Taeyeon only eats vegetables and fruits to stay in shape. She also drinks a lot of water every day to keep her body from being falsely hungry. When she is hungry, she also drinks water instead of eating.

Besides food, Taeyeon also focuses on exercise. She loves to practice pilates to keep in shape. This is a sport favored by many stars to keep fit and increase body flexibility. However, the weight loss effect of Pilates is considered slower than other subjects.

Taeyeon’s weight loss secret

Besides eating, Taeyeon also practices Pilates extremely hard. This is a sport that many Korean stars love. Pilates has a good effect in increasing the flexibility of the body.

In 50 minutes of Pilates, a person weighing 50kg can burn about 175 calories. If your goal is to lose weight fast, then you should combine Pilates with other subjects such as boxing, jumping rope or swimming.

The ideal frequency of Pilates exercise is 2-3 times/week. You can do Pilates exercises like Piloxing (pilates and boxing) or Yogalates (Yoga and pilates) to increase the calorie-burning effect.

Taeyeon’s weight loss secret

You can practice Pilates 2-3 times a week. Besides Pilates, you should also practice other subjects such as running, jumping rope and swimming to increase the effect of weight loss.