Watch: Jun Ji Hyun And Joo Ji Hoon’s New Mystery Drama Announces October Premiere With Suspenseful Teaser

Sep 15, 2021


Jun Ji Hyun and Joo Ji Hoon’s upcoming drama “Cliffhanger” is gearing up for its premiere!


tvN “Cliffhanger” (previously known as “Mount Jiri”) is a mystery drama about the story that unfolds at Mount Jiri as the national park’s top ranger Seo Yi Kang (Jun Ji Hyun) and rookie ranger Kang Hyun Jo (Joo Ji Hoon), who has an unspeakable secret, begin to dig up the truth behind the mysterious accident that occurred in the mountain. The drama is written by Kim Eun Hee, who wrote Netflix’s “Kingdom” series, and Lee Eung Bok, who directed “Mr. Sunshine.”


Recently, the drama confirmed its October premiere and released a thrilling new teaser. The trailer immediately creates suspense through its opening scene with a sudden landslide that occurs from the pouring rain amidst the frightening thunder and lightning. National park ranger Seo Yi Kang fights to get through the impossible weather condition, hinting at the occurrence of a serious case. Furthermore, Seo Yi Kang’s partner Kang Hyun Jo appears to have discovered something within the mountain as he brings up his lantern with a sharp gaze.


Seo Yi Kang runs through a flurry of snow as she urgently looks back, and Kang Hyun Jo stands alone at the summit, looking down upon the expansive mountain. Viewers are curious to find out what incident each of the partners will face at Mount Jiri and if the two people will end up working together.


The magnificent view from high up on the mountain also captivates viewers, raising anticipation for the stories of the diverse people who climb Mount Jiri as well as the national park rangers who protect the mountain.


Cliffhanger” is slated to premiere in October and will be available on Dramacool. Watch the full trailer below!

Source: Soompi